Revolutionizing Music for Musicians

New Project - XAP

XFone is embarking on a transformative journey to enhance musicians’ lives by integrating Demucs and Anytune tools into their platform. This fusion aims to revolutionize music experiences and enable seamless file exchange, while the ultimate vision is to create an innovative instrument karaoke solution. The team is actively implementing Demucs within XFone’s Linux personality, leveraging Facebook Research’s music separation model. Concurrently, Anytune, a versatile musician-oriented music player, is being integrated into the XFone Android personality. The goal is to establish smooth interaction between Anytune and XFone’s XAP, allowing efficient data transfer. The project also explores the possibility of directly running Demucs on XFone’s Android personality to provide musicians with enhanced source separation capabilities. The synergy between XFone’s server capabilities and app compatibility promises to revolutionize music creation and performance.

We are releasing a trial tryout