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Revolutionizing Music for Musicians


We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey that has the potential to transform the lives of musicians and establish XFone as a household name.

At the core of XAP lies the integration of two powerful tools: Demucs and Anytune. By running Demucs and Anytune on XFone, we take the first step towards revolutionizing the music experience. However, our ambitions don’t stop there. Our ultimate vision is to enable seamless file exchange between these tools and create an instrument karaoke solution that will truly be a game-changer.
Let’s delve into the details of this project and explore the steps we are taking to make it a reality
We are excited to inform you that we have started working on implementing Demucs on the XFone Linux personality. Demucs, developed by Facebook Research, is an impressive music source separation model that allows users to extract individual instrument stems from a mixed audio track.
Alongside Demucs, we are integrating Anytune, a versatile music player designed specifically for musicians. Anytune empowers users with a range of tools to learn, transcribe, and practice their favorite songs. We have already achieved significant progress in running Anytune on the XFone Android personality.
To facilitate the seamless interaction between Anytune and XAP, we are working on establishing a connection. Our aim is to create a file location that is accessible to both Anytune and XAP, allowing for smooth data transfer and integration. We are currently exploring the feasibility of running Demucs directly on the XFone Android personality. This will enable musicians to enjoy the benefits of source separation without the need for external servers or complex setups. Our goal is to enable musicians to experience the power of Anytune and the native resource allocation capabilities of XAP so they can comfortably do so with XFone.
We are incredibly excited about the potential impact of XAP on the music industry. By combining XFone’s Linux server capabilities and Android app compatibility, we are on the cusp of delivering a revolutionary experience for musicians worldwide.

Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking project. Together, let’s shape the future of music with XAP and make XFone a name synonymous with innovation and creativity.
This project sounds incredibly promising! The integration of Demucs and Anytune on XFone has the potential to change the game for musicians. Being able to separate instrument stems and have a versatile music player in one place is a dream come true. Can't wait to see the seamless interaction between Anytune and XAP!
John Priston
I'm thoroughly impressed by the innovation behind XAP. The combination of Demucs and Anytune on XFone has the potential to redefine how musicians engage with their craft. Kudos to the team for working towards making XFone a household name in the music industry
Linda Stivens