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After over 30 years of playing music here, and abroad I've come down to this place. A solemn desperate ship of great people. 10 years of FM radio at CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa, it was a slice of marmalade on burnt toast. Wouldn't change it for the world! Sound has kept me alive. It was nice to hear that I am with Sage and it took a few days to think about it.

I could keep it to myself, or I could share it. I decided I'd share it. I remember buying a duel cassette player and blasting Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston out my window at the age of 8. My brother hated me! I must've annoyed the neighbors quite a bit also. Looking back, I guess it was the responsible thing to do at the time.

There must be something during the process of conception to birth while in the womb of a rhythm that is heard from your mother's beating heart. We are rhythmical people! It helps you to help others I've noticed.

I've had to work with great people like John Aquaviva, Ritchie Hawtin, and Bruce Murphy...the list goes on in production. (This is a Bio, not a resume) I had my own record company and distributor in the early 90's. Too much stuff. We had our own club nights, we promoted, and still before any of the more popular production companies, and clubs at the time. They're all great... they all pushed the music forward. Respect!

Everyone functions on their own Math.

Chemical biology is a really interesting subject for me. I was lucky to be married to a Ph.D. one, but we never agreed on much, but we didn't argue about it often. (I had mine, and she had her's) It made for interesting conversations on the back porch in the morning. We'd watch the dogs run around and chase rabbits and squirrels with a cup of coffee and a smoke in one hand. (I miss those days.)

Now, everything I do is calculated to the best I can do. We still have our dogs alive. We still have a coffee on the back porch on an occasional Sunday. She's always talking about toxicities, and mine the music, and how it affects the brain, to produce hormones, and repair damage to neural connections or divert them.

I learned much from that woman. She could do it well.

Now I do my own thing, and she does her's. I know how everything works now. I, after good education.
Music, and Chemistry, still in Math.

Stay healthy.

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